Monday, June 20, 2011

Strongest on your knees.

I write what I think, I write what I feel, It's what makes me me, it's what makes me real, at times I am discouraged, at moments I feel stuck, many times I think I'm understanding, multiple times I lack in good luck, but when I hit those bumps, when I get stuck still, I get weary and break down, falling into what I should have does first - kneel.

For many of you who know me, you know I love to write, and to be honest, it's been one of the healthiest ways I've been able to vent with everything going on in my life. As I was moving back to help family for the summer, I stumbled upon many notebooks, all almost FULL of poems, song lyrics, even funny playful white girl raps I've created. I've noticed that a majority of my writings, because I've written when feeling emotional (I hate that word) or Depressed, or frustrated, have been more on the "Deep" end. So for those who have read some of my things, let me just remind you I am a very happy person and have LOVED the life I have been given and livin' . I have been so extrememly blessed and have one of the best families, and some of the greatest friends ever.

This summer has just started but I was lucky enough to be back in B-e-a-UTIFUL Crescent City when it did. I came home to help my family, and have been enjoying it so far. There are days when I just plop down on my bed and realize it has been an unfamiliar item since the night before, and days where I finally end up not even removing my make up off all the way because I have used too much energy, but I don't regret it one bit. This last week I was able to witness one of the greatest moments in someones life, Casey, my younger and last sister, Graduated High school! it was such a terrific event and I am so very proud of her! my eyes got a little teary as I watched her walk proudly to the stage, receieve her Diploma and walk and wave to us with that excited smile! My tears were soon forgotten and away once my loud hilarious family and I started cheering for her loudly , receiving many looks and amused bystanders, but it was worth it.

After Casey's graduation I asked her what her plans were, "Cosmetology school to have a certificate in a trade, and to pay for college when I get a bachelors in another greater degree." Smart kid. my Oldest Niece Payton then turned to me and said "What do YOU want to be when you grow up Aunt Chelsey" I laughed and expained to her that I am already there, but I was still trying to figure it out. I've had desires to be many things, and have started school semesters and mulitpe classes in each one, but why was I still not jumping on the ball and finally just finishing one? what was it I needed to do or haven't been understanding? Then I got silent , and upset with myself. Those night I plop on the bed, or fall asleep with make up smudges on my face, were also the night I was falling asleep in the middle of praying, if even remembering to pray at all. Were/Are my prayers sincere enough? Am I listening for that voice or feeling or inspiration afterwards? This was another Wake up calls to myself and a rezlization that things could be a LOT easier for us if we REMEMBER TO PRAY, and do it with sincerity and a pure heart. I hope all of your summers are full with fun adventures, even the tough love- hard way of learning- type of one's. Aside from that, always remember how loved you are.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy New Year (kind of) ~ My Blessings

Well once again I lack in writing. But I'm not sure how many people read this anyways so it's all good! Happy 2011! I'm only 24 days late of saying that. Last year was quite the adventure! towards the end of 2009 I made it a 2010 New Year's Resolution not to get engaged, as a joke. and I just want to say I think it's pretty sad that I couldn't even hold to it. Life has definitely taught me a lot but it's hard to admit, I'm glad everything I went through has happened. As much as I got whip lash and experienced a roller coaster of emotions, It taught me to be a better person and know how much worth I have. At time I wanted to scream and yell and wondered why everything was happening, I look back now and realized all I needed was a little patience and good attitude, not to mention tons of humbling. Living back in Utah has been good, at first it was hard, leaving behind all the kids I watched, taught and helped raise and saying good bye to my amazing hilarious family in which I've been bonding with more than ever before right up until I left.

As I was home for Christmas I took a few minutes to sit back and just take in everything I saw. How Amanda, - who I remember watching as she left for her first day of 3rd grade at a new school in Crescent City, now sitting there 17 years later putting together toys that her youngest (the twins) got for Christmas, then complimenting her oldest (Payton, who is 5) as she rocked out on her new guitar, then throwing her arm around Danny her Husband as they watched the kids play.

and Meridith, the second oldest kid of the Walch Family, who experienced a bad hair cut at a young age from when Amanda got a hold of some scissors, now talk to Casey about her mission she served to these days as her job as a Pre-school Teacher. Then Casey the youngest of us girls who I remember sharing a bedroom with when she was only in a crib, now discuss college plans and majors that she was interested in. It is so crazy how time flies, and to think my parents who I remember worked odd shifts, just to spend time at home with us, now work any schedule they desire and try to stay busy to ignore the fact that they have only one child left at home and if it weren't for demanding church callings, would probably go crazy bored and realize they aren't 25 anymore. I've truly been blessed to be apart of the family that I am apart of. As much as my family knows which button to push to get a reaction out of me, or to upset me, they also know which things to say to comfort me, and what to do to cheer me up.

I may not be the little girl I was 5,10,15 years ago, but I will always be the Walch Girl that was raised to appreciate the small things, work hard for everything, and remember what I was taught at a young age by loving Parents. And that, I am grateful for. So as this new year comes in, I only hope to learn more, gain patience and wisdom, and remember that every bump, rock, and hurdle in my way is just another lesson Heavenly Father wants me to learn from, learn how to help one another, and learn from each other, while working through trials together. May we always remember where we came from, what we represent, and try our hardest to become what we truly can amount to. The possibilities are endless.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Once upon a Time

Scenario: Chelsey goes to a doctor in CC "Doctor, I think something is wrong, My throat hurts really bad." Doctor runs test, no results, says, "you're fine, go exercise" a week later, pain gets worse, chelsey goes back in "Doctor, something is REALLY wrong with my throat, It hurts really bad, and I haven't eaten, yet I've gained weight and got really sleepy." Doctor runs test, no results says "It's probably just your anemia, go take some vitamins and exercise. a week later, pain is WORSE. Chelsey goes back in. "Ok Doctor, the pain is still here, worse, more weight is gained, I'm SO sleepy, and I've been exercising and taking my vitamins and eating well, I can't take it anymore." Doctor "ok here are some antibiotics, I'm sending you to the specialist in Medford. Chelsey and her parents go to Medford, Specialist "Chelsey, your tonsils are triple the size they should be, we're going to do some surgery." Doctor removes Tonsils, pain is still there, Doctor goes back and removes adenoids, pain is still there, Doctor Scrapes throat down to esophagus, Pain is still there but barely. Chelsey thinks problem is solved. Chelsey moves to Utah. Gains even more weight, has the pain come back, then loses voice completely. Calls a Doctor in a different field. "Doctor here is the situation - " explains story to Doctor. Doctor calls her in. Does ten minute exam..... " you have Hypothyroidism" THANK YOU!

That is my story for the day. It's sad but true! it explains so much! and this Following Monday I am going to the doctor again to see what kind of Treatment plan I get. I Hope your Holiday Stories are much better! I'm so excited for Christmas and the fact that I get to spend it with my family. And as Exciting as I am to be able to spend Christmas with a wonderful Husband next year, it is somewhat sad to realize, this is the last year I will be able to spend Christmas unwed with my Parents. nothing but rotating from here on out. =) May we all be sure to remember the true meaning of Christmas this year and know that we are loved dearly. Happy Holidays!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Remember Me?

SO I have to admit I have not been the best at blogging lately. but SO much has gone on. (likely story right?) I moved! I moved back to a place I never thought I'd move back to, and a city I thought I'd never move to, EVER. Any guess's? haha Good ol' Utah. fourth time is a charm I guess right? So I bought a Condo and have one room mate. She is pretty flippin' awesome. And clean. Life has been great, thanks to a good friend and some praying I got a full-time job the third day I lived here. Great benefits too! I'm still seeing my amazing Friend Brad and what's funny is that when I was back home, I mentioned possibly moving out here and he immediately snagged a plane ticket, flew to Cali, helped me pack, and drove a "Blessed" 15 hours back to Utah with me. Must be love right? Let's hope so, Because this is what he was forced to ride in.

I think the best part was finding out a good 3 big boxes we somehow managed to fit in the car, were the wrong boxes to bring out. Good times! Everything else in life has been going pretty well. My Mom's health has been better but she is healing from a recent surgery well, and My dad's Job is still Safe! which is great because we all know California is a little "off" right now. I love being out here again, in a new area and with a slightly different crowd of friends too. They have been awesome. Meeting Brad's family was great too! such awesome people! This weekend we're all going Camping. I'm pretty excited. Anyways, I better be off But HAPPY FRIDAY! I'll be better about blogging, I promise =) Until then ~

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Exciting Events!

Hello everyone! It sure has been a while! I am happy to announce I am blogging from my brand new laptop! I love it! A lot has been going on since my last post. My Surf Board is ALMOST done it's just been hard to finish since I work and go to school. I still work at my 3 jobs and do some side work for Jungle Roses out in Utah on occasion. The family is doing well too, Amanda and Danny (my oldest sister and her husband) are keeping bus with my beautiful nieces and nephew. Payton the oldest niece (4) just enrolled in school and will be going in the fall, the twins are crack ups and so full of energy and life, they turn two in September. Meridith (second oldest sister) Has returned from her mission to Texas and is currently living in Utah working as kindergarten teacher going to UVU. Casey (my little sister, the youngest) Just got a job at a local surf/skate store and salon and between that and her dance recitals, she is keeping busy. I got a calling as a CTR 5 year old primary teacher and it's been a blast. I have ALL boys in that class so it gets to be pretty entertaining, the only girl I have in there is able to handle it because she has a brother but sometimes I feel sorry for her for how much she has to put up with haha.

Between working three jobs, going to school at EOU, and holding my church calling, I pretty much have to fun social life unless I give up sleep, SO after talking with a few friends, co-workers, and family members, I decided I will be taking a vacation. But not just any vacation. a THREE WEEK vacation with three destinations! My first stop will be in Salt Lake city, UT where I will be there for 2 of the weeks, THEN off to Lake Powell, UT where I will be lounging on a house boat for the last week. My last stop will be Vegas (for the last couple days of vacation) where I will have fun, bypass quick civil chapel weddings (as lovely as that sounds) and fly out a couple days later. I'm pretty excited, but I know I will miss the kids I work with SO much! We'll see how it goes. I know a majority of you (ok like the 5 followers I have haha) are friends with me on facebook so you will see my pictures updated as soon as I get back! Well, I'm off to break in the computer more by doing some home work, but I hope you all had a great mothers day and enjoy the rest of this week. Take Care!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Funny Toilet Prank Video

I thought this was pretty funny. - That's pretty much my only post for today =)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Reviving Love

What a Month! February is almost over and yet I've had so many adventures already throughout this month. I was able to go out to Utah to help my old boss with her flower shop the second week of this month and while I was out there I re-united with some old friends and room mates and even went on a couple dates! It was so much fun and I'll be excited when I can do it again soon. Then, when I returned home I was able to get some surfing in before the weather gets too cold (ok so it pretty much is already there but I sucked it up) One day I noticed that my board had taken in a little bit of water. NOT GOOD! then I noticed there was some more bruising on it (portions of the board where water has damaged the inside and where it is now sensitive) I was so sad. I may have to retire 'ol Lola. I went in to a couple different local surf shops to see what they could do and how much it would cost.

Now, I originally bought the board for 200. It's had quite a few runs in her so It's worth about 125 now. Well, the quote came. 70 dollars for JUST the re-buff , wax and two of the small dings repaired. So, that's not even including the rest of the bruising and paint job, yada yada yada. I decided to take matters into my own hands. luckily, living on the coast and near water, we have marina's and other shops that provide equipment to fix water recreational things. So, I went to a couple shops, picked up some paint, brushes, wax, buffer and pic, and went at it! it's been 3 days and this is what it looks like so far....


if you look closely you can see the spots, and if you look even CLOSER you will see the damaged nose that has wax smothered on it.

the First and second day:

I added the stripes. now, the BLACK is JUST TAPE to seperate the pink stripe from the yellow base color , it's not actual paint haha but It did look a little cool and made me think to add black stripes to it too. and finally....

the third day (today):

I added part of the flower and vines. Now this is all done by hand so it's going to take time. I still have a lot to do. When you are re-painting a surf board, or boat or anything that is going to be in water, especially SALT water, you have to use acrylic based MARINE paint. a lot of people were telling me to go to wal*mart. which I could do for normal acrylic paint but that would wash off with the salt water after 1 use. It's not too expensive, about 8 dollars for a quart. If you're paying anything more than that you are getting jipped or probably just live in a super small town where they can charge you a lot. =) Anyways, I'm WAY excited. I still have to add the details to the flower and Vines and then paint the back side. I should be completely done by the end of the month. then it will be all ready to ride this summer! (even though I'll be at school, I will still visit and go surfing a lot) So I'm excited! I'll have to show you all how it turns out.